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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Morning Meeting Fuel Up and Head Out

Going to head off through Portland to Woodland Washington. Tensions are high as the convoy prepares to go through areas that people claiming ties to Antifa have made threats to attack the convoy. Traveling with children the convoy takes precautions. Now that it's over, two separate convoys disembarked on different routes. The children and families stayed together as the other group went through the heart of Portland.

Final Musical Talent Sendoff

Fueled up and Fired up, Convoy rolls out.

Wet in Woodland Washington

Standing in the rain as the convoy rolls into Woodland Walmart parking lot. Trucker G pulls in inches from my mic stand as the convoy follows him through to settle in for the night under the lights. Unfortunately, the facebook broadcast was interrupted. The video below is a few songs in the rain and songs with the convoy kids.

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