You've just discovered a treasure trove of musical goodness on two albums! Check them both out and enjoy, either free or with purchase—you purchases are most appreciated.

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When it's freedom time, and it's always freedom time, play this Six Strings of Liberty Album. "I Got a Lover Named Liberty" and has been especially popular lately. Wonder why? 
Note: This music has been wrtten simply, so anyone can play it. Learn it, share it, play it with friends to spread the message of freedom! 

Want to dance and unwind? Listen to this album from Mike Mattingly's previous band, Tingly. Enjoy large band arrangements with a feel good vibe.

Besides being fun to dance to, these songs are tools that you can use to teach anyone who has yet to learn these things:

  • what freedom is,

  • where it comes from, and 

  • why The People, not the government, was entrusted to maintain them. 


Play these songs in the car, at parties, anywhere, to open the doors of awareness.

If you're a musician, play along! The songs are structured to be easy to learn and play. And, they make for some fun jam sessions.


P.S. The Funky Fathers love it when they hear their songs played around a camp fire by someone they've yet to meet.