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A treasure trove of varied music. Listen and share for free below, purchase if you like.

Purchased music will be emailed to you to download.

Two new freedom albums coming soon... 

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Freedom Music

These freedom tunes are written simply, so anyone can play and spread the message of freedom. These songs are rich with historical context, fact, and current events—because no one will believe it a few years from now.

First time listener? Check out Lover Named Liberty.

Hit Pieces Album

Here's a rough of the upcoming album, a counter attack on minions hired to foist pharmaceutical bills on unassuming families. Better be careful when you piss off a song writer.

Six Strings of Liberty Album

When it's freedom time, and it's always freedom time, play this Six Strings of Liberty Album.  

Markers-in-Time Music

Album from Mike Mattingly's previous band, Tingly, about life's up and downs. Large band arrangements with a feel good vibe—great for dancing and unwinding. 

Besides being fun to dance to, these songs are tools that you can use to teach anyone who has yet to learn these things:

  • what freedom is,

  • where it comes from, and 

  • why The People, not the government, was entrusted to maintain them. 


Play these songs in the car, at parties, anywhere, to open the doors of awareness.

If you're a musician, play along! The songs are structured to be easy to learn and play. And, they make for some fun jam sessions.


P.S. The Funky Fathers love it when they hear their songs played around a camp fire by someone they've yet to meet.

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