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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Morning Meeting Many Say So Long

After 10 days at the Sacramento Raceway, the Convoy Packs up to head to Washington for April 30 Capital Protest in Olympia Washington. I speak to William, about my plans to get to Juneau, Alaska. William is off to pick up his wife and says he will eventually return. I plan to see him again.

Morning Sendoff

It's always a good morning when I see my friend Andrea Hedstrom at an event away from the capital. For those who don't know, she's been in more than 200 hearings at Sacramento Capital building. She was exposing so much criminality that the Senators and Congressmen filed charges against her. She has a restraining order preventing her from going within 100 feet of the capital properties. She is able to attend the morning sendoff and pal around with Rachel Ivermectin Gates. Convoy heading to talent.

Convoy Arrives in Talent

About 20 miles north of the California border the convoy arrives with the sunshine and the People. WYSIWYG is introduced to Dick In a Box. This song was coined by Jaslynn Ball back in 2020 as Senator Dick Pan was yelling at the 6-7 people who bothered to show up to speak against his bill from inside his plexiglass box over one hundred feet away from the public microphone to keep your mask on. I don't know which bill, only that it had vaccines attached. Jaslynn yelled back, It's not about common health, It's about common wealth. You got it twisted you one star pediatrician. You're a Dick in a Box. Referencing the Saturday night song by Justin Timberlake. This song has nothing to do with that. It is simply a rebuttal to Senator Pan thinking the People don't have Unalienable rights.

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