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Morning Duet Sendoff

This morning I had my new singing partner duet for a song or two. We were messing around for quite a while before I started singing when the convoy started heading off to Olympia Washington.

Checking Out the Grand Capital Construction

These buildings are designed to make the People seem small due to their grandeur and the state to be monolithic to form a since of authority. The marble walls, ceilings and ornate chandeliers all paid for by the People who are the highest authority in all dealings with the government.

Convoy Arrives in Olympia

The joy was palpable as the trucks and cars rolled around the capital. I was able to find a spot to power the Public Address system and bring smiles to the face of protesters passing by. A good day in which I met many people standing in the rain listening and speaking about solution to the political criminal classes supposed law.

"Why are your kids still going to the school and government indoctrination camps. Pull them out and watch the state back down and go bankrupt."

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