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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Dr. Michael Huang Voices Opposition to AB2098

As Dr. Michael Huang gives his detailed opposition at the California Assembly appropriations hearing, Evan Low, the author of the bill refuses to turn and acknowledge one of the People he claims to represent. Multiple people including Rachel Ievermectin Gates and Denise Marie from the Freedom Angels made statements in person in opposition to this inquisition type legislation. At no point does he look at anyone of these people who came to oppose this bill, instead he looks down at his phone on the podium in front of him. The Low level of disdain for the People is an outrage.

Low Brow Antics of the Assemblyman

This is a video of the calls in opposition to this bill AB2098. There was no phone support to speak of and only a representative from the California Medical Association. At the very end of this bill, Assemblywoman Dr. Akilah Weber tries to sell this bill to the public. She says we shouldn't worry and that only doctors found to have posted misinformation that harms another human due to not following the WHO and CDC standards of care will be brought before the medical board. My take is online information can't hurt anyone unless the patient gets their medical information without consulting a doctor. It that's the case, you can never prove it was because of advice from the doctor. Who determines what "misinfromation" is going to be labeled inappropriate. If the People don't trust the doctors that these psychos think the patients must go to, then the propaganda must really stink.

As a parting jab at Dr. Michael Huang, Evan Low says to his colleague as his closing statement. It's always good to have a doctor in the house.

The Doctor is In

Dr. Michael Huang graciously granted me an interview. He explains who he is and what he is involved in politically.

Closing Curtain on Low Crimes at the Capital

A few songs of dissent, before I return to my home 2 1/2 hours away.

Down Goes Evan Low!

Down there like a Ho,

Sucking on that big Pharma Dough,

Down Go Evan Low.

Down there with Wiener....his big bro

Dick is Coming for that Show

Down go Evan Low

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