Day 9: Rolling Out to Cambridge, OH

Updated: Mar 3

Rolling out of the rally point from Monrovia. Last day of friendly territory today.

Snowflakes falling as I sang. There's bone-chilling kind of cold, a wicked cold. A contrast to yesterday's 65° warmth. Interesting.

Thomas from Michigan jammed some bass with me. Said he's rusty and cold, but hung in there for two songs!

The concert is as long as it takes for the entire convoy to depart, 50 minutes today. It's true, this's happening, regardless of what others say. Here's the livestream:

Morning Meeting

Here's the morning meeting. Apparently, it’s about to get serious after Ohio when we leave “fly over country” (what corporate coasters call the Midwest because they only fly over it) and enter the pharmaceutical and technocratic areas. I like the leader. He's plain spoken, he's not waiting for some politician to stand up for his rights.

relating to or characterized by the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts. "the rise of technocratic elites"

The “fly over country” is something I love to travel through. People here are plain spoken, generous, and welcoming. Being around them lifts my spirit.

I love these people. You have no idea. It pisses me off when people on the West coast disregard them, saying they’re backwards for prioritizing family and believing in God. I tell ya, they’re are not too serious on the daily, but when shit hits the fan, they unite and know what to do. They’re doing it now.

Later, met some cool people.