Day 5: Played on HWY44 for 7-Mile Convoy!

Updated: Mar 13


Played on Highway 44, Oklahoma, as the 7-mile convoy passed (don't try this at home, kids). It was just like I imagined. This convoy's doubled in size since yesterday.

They must be tripping out. I was BEHIND them when I serenaded them off this morning, and in FRONT of them as they arrive. I’m Waldo in the blue beanie, popping up everywhere.

Here's the live-stream video from FB:

Just finished playing. Oh my God, I’m laughing and crying, my adrenaline is flowing! Received lots of honks and love as people drove by. EVERYONE was engaging—I was spiritually connecting with all of them (see pics below).This is incredible, amazing. One car threw out a crumpled up $25 as it passed, another tossed out a plastic bag of dollars and change to weigh it down. These people are pumped.


Just noticed blood on my guitar from strumming...oh well, nothing new. Shedding blood for liberty is worth it. Man I’m so pumped!


After I was done, I caught up with the convoy and kept passing supporters on the side of the road and on EVERY overpass. Incredible. People are aware...keep spreading the word.