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Day 5: Played on HWY44 for 7-Mile Convoy!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023


Played on Highway 44, Oklahoma, as the 7-mile convoy passed (don't try this at home, kids). It was just like I imagined. This convoy's doubled in size since yesterday.

They must be tripping out. I was BEHIND them when I serenaded them off this morning, and in FRONT of them as they arrive. I’m Waldo in the blue beanie, popping up everywhere.

Here's the live-stream video from FB:

Just finished playing. Oh my God, I’m laughing and crying, my adrenaline is flowing! Received lots of honks and love as people drove by. EVERYONE was engaging—I was spiritually connecting with all of them (see pics below).This is incredible, amazing. One car threw out a crumpled up $25 as it passed, another tossed out a plastic bag of dollars and change to weigh it down. These people are pumped.


Just noticed blood on my guitar from strumming...oh well, nothing new. Shedding blood for liberty is worth it. Man I’m so pumped!


After I was done, I caught up with the convoy and kept passing supporters on the side of the road and on EVERY overpass. Incredible. People are aware...keep spreading the word.


Screenshots from the live-steam of the seven-mile long convoy. Amazing. If someone tries to say this isn't's happening.


Morning Hello

After waking up, I offered the truck leader my PA so folks could hear him better. Got him set up in two minutes.

Did their nice morning prayer ritual. Then setup my dirt-stage near the gate where all trucks are coming through. Started live-streaming “Showin’ Only Green Lights” to warm up my chops and sang a few more.

Art, a Polish dude whose been here 24 years and loves America, came over hearing my Green Light song and was getting all welled up. “We need you on a stage," he said, "that song is awesome!” I was like “OK, cool.” We exchanged cards; he asked if I had albums, so he made a donation for two Tingly CDs. He was like, "I wanna be your friend, let's hang out." So, just like that, I have a new friend.

After playing 40 minutes, I realized the live-stream failed after 37 seconds. Unbelievable. It’s my phone…I don't know; it‘s done that every day. I even added memory, got a battery pack while on the road, and it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Nick says I gotta get a new phone. Anyway…

When I was packing up, this lady, a psychologist, comes by and says “the masking of children is a crime…These kids in their teens are trying to figure out who they are, and to make them wear these masks causes outrageous damage.”

By the time I was done packing, she donated some gas money. Wow. Then, I asked if she did hugs, that's when I found out she's a psychologist, so I gave her a hug. Shared how I never participated in this non-hugging stuff and told her about the Free Hugs we started in Santa Cruz with David Rodriguez—she loved it.

Now I'm on the road going to some town. Thanks for all the love on this trip guys—you're adding momentum!

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