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Day 30: Lifting the Frequency at Lincoln Memorial

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Just videos for now. Journal entry to come.

Morning meeting: People’s Convoy.

This Morning we heard from a nurse who's daughter got "COVID" and the doctors miss diagnosis led to further complications. Then she was made to have the jab for her college and started having serious complications after. The doctor didn't want to check for myocarditis but her mom insisted. She is now dealing with these complications.She goes on to explain many other experiences that her patients went through. Including death. Serious business what is happening around here.

Morning send off music and message

We are still going forward. The strategy to get into DC is different now. We send out pods so my morning is much shorter these days. California is now putting forth nine bills requiring the Covid19 jab to work or go to public or private school. This doesn't stop until we put an end to it. Come out and participate.

Singing in front of Lincoln Memorial

Asked people if they knew where their rights come guy said "it's complicated." I replied it's "actually pretty simple." Got some tips and requests. Attempted to use my Spanish to explain what is going on in California with the Jabbies. Touched the hearts of many today. It was more of a musical day about liberty rather than a call of warning.

Part 1of2

Part 2of2

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

These paintings sit unnoticed above the famous quotes of the Gettysburg Address and his second Inaugural speech. Are these the watchers?

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