Day 25 Part 1of2: Connecting with The People Kind of Day

Updated: Mar 21

It was a spirit-lifting kind of day. Got some good stories to share!

Morning meeting

Hagerstown Speedway

Singing in front of the DC Capital Day number two:

I'm the principal in all dealings with government. That's why in all of my Capital to Capital Tour videos, I make myself, one of The People, larger than the buildings. It's The People who matter, not buildings.

Connecting with people

Went into an area where people don't necessarily agree with my point of view, but they don't know my point of view.

I was able to ask them questions to get them thinking to come out to Hagerstown to meet some truckers, because thede truckers and convoy travelers are amazing people.

Falsehoods spoken about the convoy

People in the building behind me, The United States Capitol (often called The Capitol or the Capitol Building) are creating falsehoods, like the "truckers are white supremacists and terrorists." That's what's coming out in the news...a narrative to convince people into takin