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Day 25 Part 1of2: Connecting with The People Kind of Day

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

It was a spirit-lifting kind of day. Got some good stories to share!

Morning meeting

Hagerstown Speedway

Singing in front of the DC Capital Day number two:

I'm the principal in all dealings with government. That's why in all of my Capital to Capital Tour videos, I make myself, one of The People, larger than the buildings. It's The People who matter, not buildings.

Connecting with people

Went into an area where people don't necessarily agree with my point of view, but they don't know my point of view.

I was able to ask them questions to get them thinking to come out to Hagerstown to meet some truckers, because thede truckers and convoy travelers are amazing people.

Falsehoods spoken about the convoy

People in the building behind me, The United States Capitol (often called The Capitol or the Capitol Building) are creating falsehoods, like the "truckers are white supremacists and terrorists." That's what's coming out in the news...a narrative to convince people into taking a stance against the Convoy.

Personally, I love most people, as long as you haven't done harm to me.

My family and friends span all sorts of races, creeds, beliefs, lifestyles, whatever. My issue is, we have freedoms and no one can take them away. So don't let 'em! Invoke, state, your rights!

Signage promotes education

I was able to chat with people who aren't thinking of these things, and are just accepting the narrative.

"Who owns your body?" and the guy on the bike

I talked to a nice engaging guy who happened to have some missing teeth and was on a bike. He read my car window, "Freedom doesn't come from a needle" and wanted to know what that meant.

I told him, "If we are free, no one can tell you to put something in your body if you don't want." He said, "Yeah they made me get that COVID shot so I could keep my job. What was I going to do? I didn't have another job. And then I got sick with the COVID, right afterwards."

We had a conversation about the pharmaceutical industry and how they keep adding more and more vaccines. He said, "Yeah, since I got sick after I had the shot, I'm not getting any more."

I explained how it's a billion upon billion dollar industry and that with every shot they make money.


Forcing people to get a shot to keep their jobs is great for the industry.

But what they're doing fits the definition of domestic terrorism as stated in code Title 18, Section 2331. That code says you are not permitted to coerce or intimidate a civilian population.

Coercion is taking your livelihood away if you don't do something..."if you don't do this, we won't let you have freedoms." People don't even know what coercion is. Well here's a start:

That man experienced coercion. He didn't want the vaccine. But they threatened to take his job away, so under that threat, he complied. He didn't know his rights.

Personally, I have friends who had to flee from California to another state or country so they could put food on the table. They are being called, California Refugees. With the upcoming bills, this will continue way past the COVID issue has passed; this is setting a precedent.

"Who owns your body?" and some young kids

But I got to teach a lot of kids where their rights come from and who owns their body.

There was a young lady, heading into the capital grounds. She saw my sign, "who owns your body?" and laughed.

I asked, her and she replied, "I own my body." When I asked her "can someone put something in your body if you don't want them to?" she replied, "Oh, i'm not answering that, I'm not getting involved."

Maybe she didn't know she is involved. Maybe she didn't want to be seen as "anti-government" or "anti-vaccine"? Or as a "terrorist"? Peer pressure/herd mentality in full effect?

Back to who I really am: cartwheeling with the kids

As I wrapped up, I saw some kids aged four to 12 doing cartwheels across the lawn.

As they got close, I said, "it's my turn now" and started doing cartwheels. They were tripping out, asking "How do you do that!?" I said, "I don't know, I probably shouldn't have. I think I pulled my groin." Hahaha.

Goofing around, using my body, waving at their parents—that's my natural state. But I've had to push that natural part of me aside in order to deal with all this coercion crap.

It's nice to have a refresher course in who I really am. Can't wait for accountability to be set right so I can go back to normal life.

While I sang at the the DC Capitol, this happened...


  • People bull-horned Anthony Fauci's house: My convoy buddy, Alex who was there told me that a cop rolled up to my him and said, "This is Fauci's house. What you're doing is totally lawful [time of day, decibel reading], so I'm not going to stop you guys." Later, a neighbor came out to tell them Fauci doesn't live here anymore. Interesting.

  • People handed out a pallet of the book, The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to his neighbors.

What a historic day.

Evening meeting

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