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Day 22: Spreading the Message of Liberty

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Morning Meeting

Sending out swarms of We the People in cars trucks and vans to confuse the swarms of officers attempting to eat out our sustenance and prevent redressing our grievances. Cars take different route as trucks circle Beltway. Come and join People.

Morning Send Off

Making friends through music and vibrational uplift. Much love to the Convoy travelers for putting their lives on hold to let criminal government know We Do Not Consent.

Spoke with a Rose

While looking through the warehouse of donations for snacks I ran across this lady Rose who explained how God had guided her to stop being a heater of the word and to instead be the doer. She rarely returns to her house, but instead asks G

od where she is needed. Been to aftermath of several natural disaster, shootings as well as cleanup from 9-11. (Check out building 7. Just saying.) She used to have to bible study groups, church choir and weakly church services. Led to participate.

James1 19-25

Spinnin' fire with Alex Glasgow

Evening with doctor says, "Lock 'em all up..."

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Wish I was there. Seems like a genuine community of freedom-loving Americans of all colors, creeds and convictions has gathered at the Hagerstown Speedway, united to end Emergency Powers and ALL mandates. Thanks again for these beautiful updates.

Replying to

Hagerstown was a real beautiful experience. Thanks for checking into these posts. Enjoy your freedom; never give it away.

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