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Day 13: Clogging the Artery at Hagerstown

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Morning game plan

Still at Hagerstown Speedway.

The trucker’s plan is to tightening the belt(way): Yesterday, truckers rode in one lane. Today it‘s two lanes. Because this speedway is the artery to DC, the open plan is to extend to three lanes, then four.

If all four lanes get clogged by the convoy, DC's commerce will basically have a coronary. And that's how they plan to get legislators to pay attention.

Morning sending off

My convoy buddy Tommy B., the coach I met on Thursday, shared this video "that Megan the photographer took. It's so RAD!!! You sound great in it."

Wow, how awesome is that that I failed to record today's send off, and out of nowhere I get some footage I can share with The People.

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