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Day 12: Devine Timing and Finding My People

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Good morning!

Woke up on Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland. Checking out the sunrise and the scene from up high.

Sunday morning departure

Convoy took a two laps around the Capital Beltway, the interstate that surrounds the metropolitan Washington, D.C. 130 mile trip.

I played so long during their departure, I kept wondering if I'd have to play songs twice. Just in time, the generator powering the PA ran out of gas, so the decision was made for me. The convoy was still exiting after playing an hour and 40 minutes. That's a lot of cars and trucks.

Hanging at the Marriott

After the send off, went to the Marriott to finish loading the last of the Capital to Capital Tour videos—nearly there! Loading those took forever which was a little annoying. BUT, gave me gave me time to meet people and hear their stories which I love!

Met a nice lady who I ended up showing my Government Facilities video. She dying laughing, asking if I was a comedian. She said she'd watch it, "everyday, multiple times a day." I'm finding my people!

Divine timing and friends!

Her and her peeps invited me to dinner with them (appreciate the treat). While waiting to get into dinner, I saw someone familiar..."Who is that? Wait. Is that...Eric?!" In that moment he looks at me and says, "I thought that was you!"

Oh man, we hugged! I was so overcome I had tears in my eyes, seriously, I bet you can see it in these photos. It was so good to see a Santa Cruz bon fire friend among these thousands of people. I mean, what are the chances of him staying at a hotel that happened into when he was walking through? Especially when he was just in New York!? Crazy.

He shared about standing up for his in New York, at restaurants that required vaccine passports to eat there. He said at the beginning of COVID, he was wondering why people were just "taking it." It was until the bon fires that he found his people. What a theme.

Santa Cruz is spreading the word of liberty across this nation!

Peace and freedom, people.

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