Day 8: Revolving Wheels of Revolution, Rolling to DC

Updated: Mar 3

Afternoon Update

James Williams shares his story about being injured by a vaccine.

Karen Smith from Woder Lakes: Throughout Covid, their sheriff did not cite businesses that didn’t force people to wear masks.


Noonish: When I was talking to another new friend, I was working on a new song and talking to a new friend. I watched as 10-12 airplanes started spraying tracks in a checker-board pattern, directly above the People's Convoy. Three hours after the spray spread out, clouds formed and it sprinkled. What was sprinkled? I don't know.

Morning Hello!

Someone asked if I was really going to be driving all the way to DC and back. It’s four weeks of driving.

Yeah, I’m going all the way.

These are my people. This message I’m putting out needs to come back home. I want people to take the message in this music with them to be shared and spread across the world until this crap no longer happens and these songs are outdated.