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Day 3: Making Friends in 19°

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Met some smart film makers

These guys just happened across the convoy, and were surprised by the display. We laughed and ruminated for quite some time. Their minds are quick—I was impressed.

~4 PM MST: My people

Made new friends who came to support the convoy because they realized their freedoms in Canada were trampled. A Christian pastor was arrested at the church they go to for violating government mandates related to Covid.

~3:00pm MST: Serenading our truckers

The truckers are departing Lipton, AZ heading to Texas! Serenaded them "I Got a Lover Named Liberty," as I'm wont to do. Have to sure they're sent off in high style. (Have you seen convoy style?) It's still flippin' freezing. WHEW!

Video's sideways because it's so cold, my phone has to stay plugged in, necessitating that it lay on its side on the car window. Solving issues is all part of the whole experience I guess.

After 9am: Prayer

Convoy—Morning Prayer: Today it was said by a Hopi Indian (elder, perhaps?).

They switch up who prays, keeping it non-denomination. That's pretty cool.

~9:00AM MST Brrrr!

Driving through Arizona. My car's dash says it's 15°... WOW.

Someone said it got down to 13°. It's amazing that so many people are braving through these discomforts to hold onto our rights. Love it. In this video you can see the snow and all the trucks on the side of the road.

I wasn't going to play because I couldn't feel my fingers, it's so cold but I was able to somehow. A thoughtful lady ran outside saying, "you should have a tip jar!" and brought me one—so gracious. Another guy asked "How can you possibly play in this cold?" and dropped in $10. I have no idea...thank you, Creator.

I've earned big fat blister too. Oh, well, it's worth it. The music seems to be doing something for these folks. And that's the plan—keep them uplifted!

Trying to load a few more videos but Wi-Fi is weak out here so fixing that. Plan is to live-stream through this awesome new site. Check back for those. Have a great day!

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