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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Sweating Out the Opposition Speakers

This bill is trying to set up a permanent, twice weekly testing for ever for COVID 19 virus, (whatever that is). Johnathan Zachreson and Christina Hildebrand destroy Pan's arguments and literally left Pan sweating and convulsing as he listened in pure denial.

Flip That Frying Pan

Pan resorts to lying and overstating claims based on nothing in order to move these vaccine bills. Anecdotal is not good for the goose but for the Pander.

Legislative Lunch Break at the Sacramento Capital

Took time away from the corporate thieves operating inside the Legislative chambers and hallways of the Capital. So many bills you can not possibly physically attend all of them and now they are social distancing but not allowing phone calls. Therefore it's time to plug in and play for the people. Moving on to Washington state tomorrow with the People's Convoy.

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