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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

People's Convoy Morning Meeting

Back with the People's Convoy. Arrived just in time for a meal, coffee and the morning meeting. The convoy will be heading north. Thanks to all the beautiful people cooking the donated food for the travelers everyday for two months. This is truly an incredible experience. All preconceived notions should be thrown out until you have come to find out why they are here. Coming to wake up California to the bills that are being proposed. These proposals should tell you what these psychopaths have in store for us.

Sleeping and Ignoring Oversight

While the People in Opposition to a request for more money for abortion practitioners the legislature sleeps and speaks in hushed tones about who knows what. These legislative members will turn their back as opposition responds to these bills. Is it any wonder the People are getting annoyed.

Ask a Question, Get an Illogical Answer

Why is there no phone call in number as there has been through all of the bologna virus? Because we are returning to the precovid normal proceedings.

We Apparently are Back to Precovid Protocol

Jim Woods makes claims and I abruptly rebut them. If we are back to normal, why is everyone who came to the hearing out in the hallway less than a foot apart. Meanwhile, the legislature is pretending that social distancing is still required in the chamber. He throws me out of the meeting because he doesn't want to make it make sense. He is a public servant.

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