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Legislation to Break Branches

At the Sacramento Capital to Shine a Light on SB1464

Dick Pan wants the Police, Sheriff and all law enforcement offices to enforce medical mandates or lose the funding for the department. On top of that, the funds will be trransfered to the Health directors of those counties who refuse the orders. These law enforcement offices concluded that these mandates violate the peoples rights so they refused to enforce the orders. Senator Pan doesn't think they should have the ability to determine whether the bills coming from the legislative branch pass the constitutional test.

Interview with Orrin Heatlie

April 6th at Sacramento Capital for hearing on SB1646. Bryan the Freedom Eagle introduced me to Orrin Heatlie (organizer or Newsom recall in California). He graciously agreed to a short interview in which he discusses the unconstitutionality of this proposed bill by Senator Richard Pan.

Bill Text - SB-1464 Law enforcement_ public health orders.
Download PDF • 154KB

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