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Singing to the Geese and Security

Before heading to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Facebook protest, played to a few passersby in the back parking lot next to Meta entrance. I had heard that the protesters were going to take the pass around the bay behind Facebook. Didn't see anyone except for a geese and few security guards who kept taking pictures. Looked like they connected with some of the songs. I was wondering if the goose that landed needed to show it's vaccine passport to prove it was up to date. That was a big Honk Honk.

Protest Participation

After singing a few songs i headed of to the RFK Facebook protest. Left camera so I could fully connect and be present with the People. About 200 people went to the thumbs up. When me and my badass friends marched on Facebook back in November 2019, we had about 10 freedom loving participants. We were bullhorning the morning commute while the buses were streaming in with hundreds employees. It's nice to see that many people willing to participating in public communication about the crimes against humanity that Facebook is censoring and shadow banning.

I was able to sing acoustically as the crowd swarmed back to the side of the street I was standing on. The passersby loved it. I met many wonderful people tonight and reconnected with some fellow fighters from protests in 2015 and 2019 in Sacramento state capital. I am creating the possibility of having a Freedom concert. My friend Jill suggested having vaccine injured families tell their storied in between bands. The idea are flowing for the Love of Humanity. Thanks to all who keep coming and those who can't but stay connected. There is only one way to go and it is a beautiful future. Keep on smiling through the tyranny.

Much love.

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