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Day 17. Final Jam for Freedom Event Sacramento, California

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Saying Good Morning to Legislative Criminals

After traversing and conversing with the People and Jamming with musicians for freedom across the country, I have landed in the place where it all began. Shout out to Cambel McLaughlin for trying to organize the Jam for Freedom Tour.

Joining with Andrea Hedstrom, who knows all the legislative body by name, and so well, that they had her arrested and made it so she can no longer go onto the capital grounds—we say good morning in our own unique fashion.

Three years ago, I was welcoming in all the criminals as they ignored the People and moved forward with their fascist Pharma agenda.

The tyranny we were trying to prevent, the world has been living under for the last two and a half years. I was arrested three years ago for redressing my grievances and now the legislature is accusing me of criminal threats of violence (for suggesting that if they shut down access to the legislature because they are passing legislation from their bedroom, then we would show up at their houses to redress our grievances at their houses).

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