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Weiner's Bill Blows Up in His Face

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

SB866 Fails to Bring Vote to the Floor

Weirdo Weiner, Scott, San Francisco Senator tried to push a bill through the Legislature that would allow a 15 year old, (started as a 12 year old). to get vaccinated without parental consent or even the ability for the parent to see that the child was vaccinated. This bill didn't make it to the floor for a final vote, but please recognize it came through to the final day. This tells you what they are truly attempting to do. Why are these usurpers still in office? Answer; the People.

This is what how I raise awareness. Today I sang to the union employees asking for goodies from the Government as Andrea Hedstrom bull horns the "Representatives" and shames them by name.

Pilgrim Takes a Pit Stop with the Funky Father

Met a fellow traveler today at capital in Sacramento. Hear a short version of his story below.

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