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Day 14: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Morning gathering

Interviewed Steve and Donny (sp?) from the convoy. Asked them separately why they came and they both said freedom. Steve blew a tiny battle cry from a kudu. Learn something new everyday.

Then paid attention to the morning update.

Meeting with the legislators

As the convoy rounds the beltway, our lead, Brian is meeting with our legislators in DC (more on this later).

Why the truckers are so pissed?

A lot of people are asking, "why are the truckers doing this now that the mandates are over...what's the big deal?"

Well, the US is proposing that truckers be required to get the digital Real ID (digital tracking especially of vaccination status). So, if you're ID shows that you're not compliant with one mandate or another, you can't function freely. For example, if you go to get on a train, some regulator will determine if you're a “good persons” or not. If you are, then you are free to get on the train, or go into the store to buy food, or go into work to earn money that feeds you and our loved ones. It's another level of control.

US Legislation is in the works to MANDATE truckers get vaccinated to cross back and forth into Canada. It might not affect non But we don't want this kind of thing getting a foot hold on tomorrow.

That’s why the truckers are standing firm and not dancing along with all this. They have a major problem with what’s happened/happening/going to happen.

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