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Day 7: Kids Dancing, Horns Blaring, Freedom Ringing

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

We stayed the night at a famous truck-stop, Dotties, in Cuba, Missouri,

During the morning gathering, I met a lady named Jill who sang the National Anthem. She walked right up to the leader and said, "I'd like to sing the truckers off with the National Anthem." The organizer replied "sure!" and she announced to the crowd, "we're gonna do this a cappella." And so they did. After, I asked if I could do a short interview and she obliged:

Freedom: She comes from Maryland, "The Free State." She left to Missouri because it had become so tyrannical. She said, "I'm a country girl. There's more country out here in Missouri than there is in Maryland these days," (or something like that).

TV hypnotism: We conversed about how she believes that the pandemic is simply a hypnotism being run through the television set.

National Anthem: She explained that the guy who wrote the star spangled banner was held captive on ship during some war (of 1812 maybe?). Apparently, other captives held below deck, kept asking him, "can you still see the flag" seeking assurance that they were still in the fight.

Video of the morning gathering, the interview with Jill starts around minutes 16:00:

Happy shining breakfast

A family making cinnamon rolls for everyone for breakfast.The dad was teaching them the most important part about service, to "keep smiling" as they delivered the sticky buns to all the truck drivers. It was beautiful to see the smiling-faced children deliver plates to the truckers. That's good parenting.

The voluntarist

One the way to the parking lot to play, I met Morgan, a voluntarist, who had written on her car window, "taxation is theft" (you can kind of see it in this pic).

Dancing Kids

I played for the truckers as they headed out to Monrovia, Indiana. Kids dancing, people taking pictures, mom of the kids gave a tip.

While I played pre-exit music, two kids got out of of the lead's big rigs and danced to the songs on the lawn in front of me. However, you can't see that because I had the back camera on, hilarious. The kids informed me that they don't want to wear the masks.

That guy who posted on FB about playing on the highway blew his horn, jumped out of his rig cause he had a couple minutes, and took some pics with me.

Between songs, a guy from the local news station interviewed me; meanwhile the local police officer kept signaling for me to keep playing, he was enjoying the show so much. Too fun.

A lot of huge trucks

Squeezing between trucks on my way back to fill up my thermos at Dotties truck stop. Restaurant, gift shop, lounge, showers, as well as a gas station.

Pop back up to the convoy!

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