Day 6: Convoy Invited to St. Roberts, MO

Updated: Mar 1

~8:00 PM local Wow, I'm kind of tripping out

As I was driving today, watching the farmers smiling in their overalls on their farms, I thought, "He puts on his overalls because he knows a lot. He's out here growing food like it's nothing." To have a farm, you've gotta coordinate water, plumbing, electricity, building a barn, whatever. You gotta know what you're doing. These guys do it like it's second nature.

When I played in SF at Christmas for several hours, l left that place bone dry, no tip. Here I was, thinking, I'm writing all this deep shit and nobody cares. Then I come out here and people are coming up to me, filming me, shaking my hand, wanting to share my music, saying all sorts of complimentary things. I guess we get each other.

Well, I'm off to chat with some good people then fall off into a deep sleep. 'Night.

P.S. someone shared this with me on FB. Mahalo for the shout out, Big Rig Shots.


~4:30PM local time

Met a cool cat, Ruben from Orlando, Florida via Panama. He's a trucker who came to support the convoy.