Day 35: When You Hear Voices, Listen

Traveling through Indian Country

Before I laid down to sleep around midnight, I had an interaction with a man who threatened to kill me unless I wash the slogan off my window which said, "Without Liberty, It's All Slavery!" Of course I refused. He said I was in Indian country now and that Liberty doesn't mean a thing out there. He claimed I hated him because of his brown skin and wanted to know if I was ready to die for Liberty. (He definitely doesn't know my friends and family.) I told him I was ready and it wouldn't be the first time and that I had many times before. He waited for me outside the gas station on the side road before the on ramp to HWY 40 and followed me to the on ramp as I passed.....He went the other way.

I was happy I didn't need to get physical. I tried to talk with him in a calm manner so he could understand that what I am speaking on comes from the knowledge of the Eugenics programs involving Native Indians especially in California. I include here some examples for anyone who doesn't know this history. Too believe the government is not capable of running these types of programs is to deny the past.

Government admits forced sterilization of Indian Women - Timeline - Native Voices
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Historians seek reparations for Californians forcibly sterilized - Reuters
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