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Day 21: DC Police Block Speedway Exits Causing Mayhem

Morning meeting: Stars fall from the sky

Man leaps from perfectly good plane to unfurl the Stars and Stripes during National Anthem sing-along. He then lands on the speedway as free as a bird. Amazing send off.

Morning Meetup Keeps Moving

After donating weeks of their time, many volunteers heading home for some R&R. Appreciating the newbies as they join the endeavor.

Morning serenade

DC Police Cause Mayhem

The police made an interesting choice to block every exit on the speedway without warning or signage; they feared the convoy coming into town.

  • People drove the wrong way on the highway trying to get off; they were trapped. Might have even created accidents because of it.

  • They caused two busloads of children to miss their visit to the White House—they got a great civics lesson out of it.

Reminds me of when we protested the vaccine passport to go to restaurants in San Francisco. At the Golden Gate Bridge around January 2022:

  • They prevented protesters from picketing across the Golden Gate by forcing us to stay at the bridge entrance.

  • They blocked a lane with a CalTrans truck with an arrow on it, indicating the lane was closed.

  • Helicopter footage (to be linked) shows that:

  • A street sweeper accelerated into the Cal Trans truck, as if on purpose.

  • A black Audi turned hard right into the Cal Trans truck, as if on purpose

  • The Cal Trans truck slammed into a guard rail with such force that the guard rail protecting pedestrians moved and injured a police officer.

  • The next day the media, not surprisingly, stated that six police were injured, blaming the traffic snarl on the protestors.

Interesting parallels. Are these officials big fans of the First Amendment?

Interview with Travis

We bid a fond farewell to Travis, who I affectionately call, "The Mayor" of Hagerstown.

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Travis is a beautiful, caring spirit.

Me gusta

God Bless Travis. Like many in the People's Convoy, he was in the right place at the right time.

Me gusta
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