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Day 17: Got To Expect Some Losses

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Got to expect some losses in an operation this large.

At the morning meeting—drivers warned to stay vigilant: There was a big rig that looked like it was rear ended into a large auto. Engine cover knocked off and iron hitch in rear folded up.

Morning send off

Rise of the passenger cars. Little autos lead out the convoy as children dance. Met a man from Chicago, I think his name is Scotty, he came with $5 and has been covering this event. Turns out he has been following the adventures of my friend and fellow.California David Rodriguez, Dave is under a political attack in Santa Cruz for organizing Free Hug Friday. I believe it was in May of 2020 Free Hugs Friday continued until I left for convoy. Also David was part of organizing opening the beaches in Santa Cruz California and which included eighty straight weeks of Voluntary Bon Fires on Saturday nights. It was good to hear people are hearing our message from all across the land.

Art, the Solidarity trucker, invited me to set up my PA and play for their bon fire at one of the trucker camps. I gladly shared the Funky Fathers Freedom message. Did about eight tunes before the evening meeting. Good times. Grateful for the opportunity. And appreciate the free beer.

Kick ‘em in the 00!

Nightly meeting with Dr. Paul Alexander. Calling for the Lockup of Fauci, Birx and all other human right violating Doctors at the head of the Government response.

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