Day 16: Did I Accidentally Open for Ted Cruz?

Updated: Mar 13

Morning gathering

Convoy leads shared that Ted Cruz was en route to come talk to us.

Funky Father shares stage with Ted Cruz?

It'd be more accurate to say that we stood on the same stage, er, in this case a flat bed truck. But fun all the same.

While we waited for him to arrive, they invited folks up to come up to sing or share a poem. A guy read a poem about leaves, trees, roots, and connection to God.

When my turn came, I introduced myself, that I'd been waiting for this moment (standing up to tyranny) for a long time, and then recited some versus from my 2019 song, "We Do Not Consent," a protest against SB-276 and the medical tyranny that I saw coming, which we're in now. When I exited the stage, a guy from the crowd Said, “I heard what you said,”and gave me a big bear hug! What an honor.

Then, Ted Cruz was introduced and spoke to us. Appreciate him coming out, and him saying something to the effect of…when did it become anyone else's business what you put in your one should tell you what you put in your body.


Singing to the truckers as they go, Ted Cruz in lead truck

Hoping Cruz and the convoy can get medical mandates eliminated forever. Can’t believe they’re even something we have to deal with.

Thank you truckers, coordinators, supporters, those who are aligned with truth, those waking up, and those who will get those unlawful medical mandates cast down for good.

Interviewed Brooke Twisdale, from CA.