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Day 15: We're All Functioning from Different Paradigms

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Attending a funeral

While I was out in Hagerstown, a family member informed me that my friend, Rick, from the old days has shed his body suit and moved on to the great expanse. He dealt with giantism so we are amazed and grateful he had a pretty long life, considering.

He was an amazing bassist who, come to think of it, inspired me to become a professional bassist myself. He had a lot of soul.

Today, I drove out Pennsylvania to pay my respects. Arrive a few hours early to try to find a place to get cleaned up a bit. Here, I am at Manheim Pennsylvania Fareview Cemetery. As I walk, I'm reminded that we gotta love each other as if it's our last day. Sure, we're all functioning from the information we each have (our paradigms), but let's love on each other anyway. Can't wait to get back to that way of being.

Morning gathering

No convoy on the beltway today, due to rain we're told. Convoy leads had talks yesterday with the legislatures...we'll see what happens.

The convoy offered some ministry:

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