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Day 10: The Underground Railroad Freed by Liberty

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Good morning city of Lore!

Morning game plan

The lead said some real nice stuff. Got me all choked up.

Alex the environmentalist

Met Alex Glasgow. He works in the renewable energy companies and they refused his religious exemption. "Wait. I signed a contract with you, and you're changing the contract?" He shares a bit more in this interview.

What is happening?

Morning send off

Played for an hour as the miles of trucks and cars headed out of the lot, here's who I saw...

  • Mothers, fathers, children

  • Musicians, truckers, techies, farmers

  • Former military, regular folks, voluntarists, reporters

  • And even a few political supporters

Underground Railroad

Traveled quickly to beat the convoy to the next entrance. Pass by the Underground Railroad Museum which made me wonder, "are we repeating a modern version of history"?

  • Neighbors telling on each other.

  • Families in political bouts.

  • Employers firing the vaccine-less.

  • Cops making victimless arrests.

  • Masked youth inhaling their CO2.

  • People needing to test their cold and flu.

  • Not to mention, fear-news programing out the wazoo.

You've heard me say that, without liberty, it's all slavery.

But here's a little more of what we all might need...

Well, I got a lover named Liberty. Yeah, she's always telling me I gotta be free. Never gonna put any chains on me! Oh, she's the kind of lover that you just don't leave. Yeah, If I wanna keep her, I gotta treat her right... Yeah, if they come for Liberty, you better get up and fight. The enemies of Liberty are always drawing near. Yeah, defend Liberty, before she disappears.

Be free people.


The Underground Railroad Museum:

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