Day 10: The Underground Railroad Freed by Liberty

Updated: Mar 7

Good morning city of Lore!

Morning game plan

The lead said some real nice stuff. Got me all choked up.

Alex the environmentalist

Met Alex Glasgow. He works for windmill-technology companies and they refused his religious exemption. "Wait. I signed a contract with you, and you're changing the contract?" He shares a bit more in this interview.

What is happening?

Morning send off

Played for an hour as the miles of trucks and cars headed out of the lot, here's who I saw...

  • Mothers, fathers, children

  • Musicians, truckers, techies, farmers

  • Former military, regular folks, voluntarists, reporters

  • And even a few political supporters

Underground Railroad

Traveled quickly to beat the convoy to the next entrance. Pass by the Underground Railroad Museum which made me wonder, "are we repeating a modern version of history"?

  • Neighbors telling on each other.