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April 10th, Defeat the Mandates LA

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Welcome the People

Setting up and playing next in front of City Hall next to Grand Park in Los Angeles. I am also across from the old LA Times building. The Architecture of the LA Times building reminds me of the capital building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As does the Los Angeles City Hall. Old school architecture that I came across in my Capital to Capital tour.

Spoke with a security guard after I was going to stop playing who encouraged me to stick around because it would be such a letdown and a bore if I left. She wanted to know if this is what I do, going from event to event to sing protest music. I told her that I have been doing this for a few years back before the COVID. I asked her how many booster shots she would get to keep her county job. She said she wouldn't take any boosters, only the two shots she already had because she got sick from the first shot and has had asthma since the second one. I asked her if she or her doctor reported the injury to VAERS, she said she didn't know anything about it. I told her about the process and let her know that the People speaking at the event today have been warning the world about the dangers of the Covid "vaccine" and the entire vaccination program for years.

Then I sat down and figured out some music for a new song.

Practicing in Public

I liked the idea of this song so much that I decided to write in the public arena. As I played this song, a Defeat the Mandates organized parade passed by with Mikki Willis director of Plandemic movie on a fire engine along with all the firefighters who are about to lose their jobs for not getting the Poke. He acknowledged the message resonating through the streets as I create this song and ask the simple question, who owns your body. This is a question that was asked by the ferocious huger David James Rodriguez as he delivered love throughout Santa Cruz during the Bologna virus. I believe his Free Hugs Friday started sometime in May or June of 2020. Thank you David for standing on your beliefs fearlessly. If you own your body no one can tell you what to put in it. If the WHO owns your body, then you are a slave.

Defeat the Mandate Look Around

A quick check in and view of the crowd as censored doctors speak about their experiences in the new inquisition brought to us by the new religion of Scientism.

Dr. Malone speaks at Defeat the Mandates

Dr. Hooker and more!

Never trust the government to tell you what to put into your own body.

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