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And Then There Was One

Today I left the People's Convoy to make my way to Juneau, Alaska to put the state on notice the We Do Not Consent. For those new to the Funky Fathers, Juneau is the 49th state capital of the Capital to Capital tour that began August 3, 2020. I was not planning on getting to Juneau or Honolulu because I don't want to wear a mask. The window opened up recently and with the People's Convoy on their way to Olympia, Washington, and the criminal mask mandates being removed from airlines, I got back on the road. Blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Convoy Protest after their help informing the public in Sacramento we headed off to the capital in Washington and then after I head off to Alaska. I enjoyed my time with the People's Convoy and hope to catch up to them soon after recording some of the new songs that are responses to the Medical Tyranny we are living through when I return home to California. These songs will include the Wheels of the Revolution and the Embers of the Flame of Liberty.

The First Take with Broadcast Interruptions in Juneau

This video is my first crack at putting the Juneau state politicians on notice that We Do Not Consent. I forgot my charger and ran out of power. This is what I was able to record. After this a man named Ryan, Dressed like a policeman, from Mountain View California asked me to move my guitar case. We talked about how great California was when we grew up and I told him that’s why I am doing this your, so my offspring can experience freedom. He said he was enjoying the song. Talked about the beaches and freeing them from the tyrants.

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