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Day 1 Jam for Freedom Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA

Kick off to the Jam for Freedom Tour at Robin Williams Field in Golden Gate Park. The powers that be annoying attempted to end the tour before it began by preventing Cambel McLaughlin from being able to enter into the country. The land of the free shows it's authoritarianism in Boston and turns back the creator of Jam for Freedom. The Funky Fathers will not be deterred and will embark on the Coast to Coast tour in hopes that Cambel will be able to join later. Today I met fellow freedom musician and song writer, Rob My Job. Jammin' for freedom. Trying to talk him into traveling out to Texas at least. Stay tuned.

I was joined by fellow Funky Fathers guitar player Tom McQuillen. We had a beautiful time and watched the hills next to us fill up with people. Ten minutes after we were done playing, all the People left. Freedom permeates San Francisco. See y'all tomorrow.

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