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The Funky Fathers


The Funky Fathers was spontaneously created on the steps of the California Capitol building after Mike Mattingly, musician and medical freedom activist, and thousands of others waited hours in line to state opposition to Bill SB276 because it wantonly removed medical exemptions from vaccinations— another dismemberment of our human freedom.

After stomaching the many pharmaceutical shills claiming to represent "thousands of people," when his turn came, Mattingly humorously stated "My name is Mike, and I am with the Funky Father's organization. I represent a hundred thousand million musicians world wide who don't even know I represent them, and we don't support this bill."  Later, a fellow father approached him on the Capital steps, asking if he could join, and Funky Fathers was born.



The Funky Fathers' mission is for their music to be used as a tool, to educate and inspire The People, to ensure freedom for the next seven generations, and thereafter.

  • Arm The People with knowledge to recognize tyranny.

  • Inspire The People to uphold their natural sovereign rights and demand they be upheld.

  • Hold pharmaceutical companies liable for vaccine injuries—current laws protect them from liability.

  • Establish laws that compel Pharmaceutical companies to transparently disclose vaccine injuries, or face steep consequences.

  • Hold doctors liable for failing to give patients sufficient information to make informed decisions about their own medical care (informed consent).

  • Ensure that medical freedoms of The People are honored, rendering vaccine mandates unlawful and illegal.

You don't know what you don't know. So now you know.

The Funky Fathers and the Freedom Foundation is an activist band of fathers and others who are helping The People to recognize their natural rights, especially their medical freedom.

Picture: Three lanterns in your window means for medical freedom.
Funky Fathers Band

The story of how the band came to be soon to come. It involves:

  • Politics: Blasting the courthouse from a trailer, adding positive energy to the Free Hugs movement in Santa Cruz, keeping Santa Cruz beaches open by playing 60+ weekends in a row.

  • Music: Professional musicians with fathering natures would come play the simple tunes for fun. Soon, a consistent band, who include Tim, Tom, Lars, Gene, and Mike formed. Due to the medical tyranny, two of the bandmates exited California, a loss to the band and the entire West Coast.

Mike's journey:

  • Childhood: Grew up watching his community practice social justice, sacrificing for those who wanted to improve their lives but needed help. Social-justice-in-action was his example.

  • Young adulthood: Founded and participated in bands and wrote lyrics that promoted social justice, especially against discrimination in all forms.

  • 2005: A family member received a vaccine and a change in personality occurred. When the doctor responded, "it's normal, it'll pass," Mike realized that "informed consent" had not been granted to the parents. All of their due diligence was for naught—they had been given no information about potential vaccine injuries. After that, the family went on with their lives, confident in knowing they could "opt out" from vaccines in the future.

  • 2015: SB276 Bill passes despite thousands of protestations.

  • 2016: The same family's son was not permitted into public school because he wasn't vaccinated (segregated). Having grown up in a household that valued the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, Mike recognized that forcing someone to do something under threat was against the law (coercion).

  • In that moment Mike realized "our rights are being violated." A seeker of justice, Mike immediately heeded the call to ensure that The People understood where their rights come from (hint: not from man or the government).

  • These days: Through his music, Mike's aim is to educate, inspire, and ensure freedoms are upheld for generations to come.

Other band member details coming soon.

Who owns your body?

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