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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Evan Low Gets An Earful

While singing some songs in front of the Legislative building I saw Evan sitting by the sidewalk. Decided to play him a few songs. I played Down Go Evan Low, Anti-Vaccination and We Do Not Consent. He finally left. This guy is a sociopath. He also happens to be the Assemblyman for the district where I currently live. Maybe Brian the Freedom Eagle will share his footage with me. Until then, it's just a memory in the mind of yours truly.

Chairman Pan Bringing More Money to Pharma

Asking the state for more money to play pharmaceutical hospital staff employees more money. All hospitals will receive the money as long as they follow the union rules even in places with no union and low cost of living. After this bit Sandra and I made comment. This is the only video but during my comments on Dick's bills I let him know it was nice to see him out of the box. I also asked at the end of the hearing why he was still wearing the mask? I wondered allowed if perhaps he didn't because if he did surely he wouldn't need the mask anymore. A questioned why Weiner was out of the mask but he wasn't. Perhaps it's all a show to keep the emergency order going. Maybe the shot he is attempting to mandate doesn't actually stop a virus. Hmmmmmm

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