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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Towing the Old Firetruck to Go Convoy to South Bay

A little rain at the Sacramento Raceway left some of the big heavies spinning their wheels. Just another day at the office.

Facebook Committee on Censorship

Convoy to the Facebook/Meta home office. A little misdirection. Can't censor analog sights and sounds.

Crashing the Sara Cody Award Celebration

Sara Cody, the Health Director of Santa Clara County who initiated the first shutdowns and healthy people quarantines in California to bring on the nightmare is being honored by the criminals who benefited from the lockdowns. I just love a representative government.

Convoy Exodus

After closing a lane and joining the south bay protesters by giving information about the bills that the legislature is proposing to passers by through their car windows, the little unit of the People's Convoy heads out to San Francisco while I stay behind to tend to my garden. Before I went home a small group went to the other side of the building where Sara Cody was receiving her award. I set up in a parking lot across the street and sang songs of liberty to the people on the street. The employees from the business came out and sat down to listen. When I finished they went back into the building. I thought they were waiting for the bus. Evening traffic passer-byes were enjoying the show.

Their was an official looking man who came out to complain to the security guards to quite us down, but they couldn't take any action because we were on the sidewalk exercising our first amendment rights.

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