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Day 31:Convoy Crew Feeds Homeless Spreading Love at the Capital

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Morning meeting: Trash Monkeys Descend of DC

Brian agrees to pick up the trash so the Trash Monkeys can roll into DC. The Trash Monkeys have been making sure the Speedway stays beautiful by putting trash in cans and emptying trash cans into the dumpsters that get picked up regularly. This is a Voluntary Village and the people make it happen.

Mike is playing hooky with his girls today and taking them on a convoy. Came back with over 300 dozen eggs to Speedway so the Convoyagers can have a hardy morning breakfast. This is truly an amazing experience.

Morning music sendoff

Morning sendoff was an opportunity to have people come out and replace my daily routine. I played two songs completely stripped down to show anyone who can play a couple chords can play these songs. I am hopeful that musicians will use these tunes in the style of music they prefer. They can be adapted for most genres. Enjoy.

Friday Nights at Fauci's

Well, I got to sing in front of Anthony Fauci's House. I sang many tunes, unfortunately the sound was dropped so it's a silent video. My buddy Alex live streamed my delivering the Anti-vaccination song, We Do Not Consent, Dick in a Box, I Got a Lover Named Liberty (for the four DC Metro Police officers that came out to a neighbors complaint), and Hey Kid. These I will post when I receive the download. I also played you are my Sunshine before I turned on live stream and got pretty choked up thinking of the man who testified early in the convoy about losing his son. It really hit me hard that Fauci's decisions have cost so many to lose there only sunshine.

I tried to soften the blow to the neighborhood with Free Mangos Only Twenty Five Cents, then A Couple Weeks or So. Before Couple weeks or so I asked a couple walking by if they remembered what it was like before everyone started wearing masks all day. The man said he couldn't remember. We had a good time with that song. Then I played We Are the Embers of the Flame of Liberty. Some neighbors liked it and some neighbors scoffed at freedom taking flight. I was glad I did it even though the sound didn't fire. Sometimes you just gotta be there.

During Hey Kid, this educated lunatic started swearing and calling us idiots. Of course I engaged with a few well placed questions. His head almost spun off his shoulders.

Educating and sharing food and love

Convoy giving out free food to homeless and spreading the word to all. Walked up as a crew of youth was engaging in discussion about what we were doing. Nice to see the younger generation taking an interest.

Interviewed my "viking" convoy buddy, Kyle from WI. His focus has been at the local level but valued the purpose of the convoy so joined in on this national effort.

He doesn't want to move in the direction that seems we're being steered into. He says, let's get back to nature, grow our own gardens. Do things ourselves. Sure it's long term but that's the direction he's going. Let's just share music, food, love.

Hey man, my friend in the bay area are doing that too. The convoy was an impromptu intentional community. I didn't to get a chance to be part of an intentional community, but it's been happening right here in Hagerstown MD.

We don't need someone telling us to be kind to our neighbors. We do it naturally. Let's keep it up.

Spent a Minute at the National Gallery of Art

Across the street from Henry Park where the Convoy gathered to feed the hungry with food and thought is the National Gallery of Art. I stoped in to have a look.

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