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Day 28: Huggin' It Out, Convoy Style

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

March 22

Morning meetup filled with tension

Morning meet up starts off with a dang.

Contention and reconciliation. Not sure what happened, but it was a tense morning. Lots of misunderstandings. Difference of opinion makes this a great country. Stay unified around liberty and freedom!

Found out the People’s Convoy will be staying at Speedway through next Thursday. On Saturday, Dr. Malone, inventor of the MRNA technology, will speak, as will Naomi Wolf.

People’s Convoy send off

This food for thought might make you choke

  • The California Legislative body is trying to pass bills requiring all California employees and contractors to get the Covid-19 jabby to have a job. Do you really think the mandates are over?

  • Also, they are trying to put the Covid-19 shot into the childhood-vaccine schedule.

  • By the way, the CDC just reduced childhood mortality by a reduction of 24% due to misdiagnosis. Don’t forget the bologna virus has been counting for over two years. This is not an annual death rate and is less problematic than the myocarditis “the new normal for children “ that has been linked to the Poke.

  • These bills are crimes and domestic terrorism they intimidate a civilian population through threats and coercion.

  • Assemblyman, Mathis (R) is backing this bill for all businesses to require proof of vaccination to be able to use a digital medical record. Not only that, but he's an underwriter of the bill! Supposedly, he was fighting the medical exemption removal. Now, here he is, saying you have to show proof of vaccine to enter a building. Disgusting. So if you think Republicans don't support this nonsense, you're mistaken.

Song time

Night meeting

Leadership is back at the Convoy. Brian returns with his truck. Shared some personal family stuff I wasn't aware of. Seems like his reason for being her might have to do with that.

Everyone has their reasons for being out here: some people lost their jobs after spending tons of money on a college degree, some people have 500K mortgages on their rigs and their livelihood is being threatened for not getting the vaccine, others have been negatively impacted by vaccines, and the list goes on.

Some great leadership here

Brian is really good at leading people. He talked about how there's misunderstandings and it takes's normal for families and we can treat each other like a family. He reminded us, "don't let the evil forces divide us." .

He said that some people think the leaders are not interested in their ideas. But he said, "I know there are better ideas out there than what we have," so they're open to hearing them.

Support those who are streaming this

He thanked those who are streaming about the Convoy. He said, otherwise, no one would have heard about it, because the media has refused to cover it. He beseeched everyone to donate to the streamers; they're sleeping in their cars filled with camera equipment.

That's nice awareness—for him to see the necessity of them being out here. "These guys are bringing you the truth." They're bringing true information from all over the world.

He's a really good leader. He's a really good speaker too. He says he speaks from the heart and truth....he's not worried about making mistakes. "We live stream everything. If I screw up, you all tell me...and I try to do better." I have a lot of respect for this crew.

Mike L. also spoke. He has had a lot of experience of using trucker Convoys to get government to listen. Encouraging.

Everyone here, I've noticed, whatever walk of life they're from...everyone I've come across here, they're all good people...they're all genuine and come from the heart.

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