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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Singing and Speaking to the People

After going in to make comment at the Legislative Offices I simply had to share about the crimes being proposed in these hearings. I commented on Evan Low's bill which is the modern day legalization of a return to the Inquisition for the medical industry. This bill silences doctors through threats of pulled in front of the medical board for going against the standard of care suggested by the CDC and the WHO, (often not in agreement) and anyone who speaks out in disagreement with these two organizations will be declared unfit to practice medicine in California for spreading misinformation, even if it's provably not misinformation. Crimes of the State. Evan Low would not even look at me while I was commenting on his bill.

Dave Cortese You're Fired

This is my Senator Dave Cortese who took over fore Senator Beale. They really don't like decent from the People and are attempting to silence anyone who attempts to challenge the legislators rules. His proposed bill,1100 to change the ability of the People to peaceably assemble and redress grievances. These are supposed to be rules to protect our rights. Anyone who participated in the legislative process during the COVID knows that none of these people permitted debate and anyone who did decent was ignored. When large groups would show up at the school board meetings to oppose the masking and vaxxing mandates these public servants were proposing, they would close the meeting or make it a zoom meeting where technical difficulties would silence the People who spent hours listening to the corporations who would benefit financially pontificate for hours about how great there proposal would be for our safety. I was involved in an 11 hour Board of Supervisors meeting at the beginning of the COVID in 2020 for the masking of the populace in Santa Clara County. The chief of police said he would not enforce the order because it was unconstitutional. These psychopaths passed the "rule" in order to create the illusion that it was a requirement in order to get more people to wear a mask that was shown not to prevent viral spread. The board wanted to know how many people would wear the instrument of compliance. Dave was on that board. Another one of my legislators who won't look at me as I make comment. You work for me mother f'er.

One Chiropractors Oppinion

Ran into this man before going in to SB1100. Where does health come from?

This is How a Trucker Sit-in Sounds

Big Rigs Breakdown in Front of Legislative Building

Somehow these trucks broke down blocking the road in front of the legislative building. Maybe it had something to do with a breakdown in morality going on inside with AB2223 proposed by Buffy Wicks.

AB 2223 Voted Through by 11-3.

Wow. What is happening in this state?

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